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About the Book

How to Get a First is a lively and original perspective on how to gain an outstanding degree. Written by a recent first-class graduate, it combines personal experience, scientific research and motivational anecdotes from students to create a comprehensive guide to academic success, with strategies to immediately boost grades and improve confidence.

Lots of students can get a first but many are intimidated by the prospect of trying. This book will give you a solid framework for academic success, offer inspiration, as well as practical tips to help boost your grades.

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RC Greig

Amazon Reviewer

Covered in the book are ways to improve academic performance in coursework and exams (an area I have always found particularly tricky), there is also a large section about how to get your mind and body in the right zone to study as effectively as possible with simple and easy to follow recommendations.

If you are a student wanting to gain that little bit extra from your work, I fully recommend buying this book. It could very easily make the difference between a 2:1 and a first.

Amazon Review

Chris Rowlands

UCAS Blogger

Tefula provides encouraging and positive advice to those studying at degree level, with elements of philosophical and psychological debate behind his reasoning making for an absorbing and revealing text, particularly when combined with real-world evidence and statistics.

Blogger Review

Joseph Akinnagbe

NUS/Endsleigh 2010 Student of the Year

As a final year student on a first, it has not only made me recognise what I have done right but also alerted me on important strategies I have trivialised. This is going to be my companion throughout the year. Michael's fluent writing mixed with inspiring and eye opening stories made reading a most enjoyable experience.


About the Author

About the Author

About Michael Tefula

Michael Tefula

Michael Tefula graduated in 2010 with a first-class degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Birmingham, UK. He won the Ernst & Young prize for the highest dissertation mark (86%) and shared the Deloitte prize for the highest module mark (80%) with four other students. He was co-founder of Birmingham Entrepreneurs' society (University of Birmingham).

Michael is also an amateur musician and once produced music for MOBO nominees, Master Shortie and Bashy. Professionally, Michael has a passion for business and currently works in the investment industry.